With cremation, we at Chandlers’ believe you should be able to choose the type of service that you find most meaningful. Many families and individuals have different beliefs and traditions. That’s why our services include many options and we take pride in being able to say we offer them all.

With cremation, you have more options than you probably realize. With cremation your options are virtually limitless. Here is a list of some of the most requested options:

Traditional Service followed by cremation-using either a traditional casket, cremation case or rental casket with alternative container
Short term viewing, with cremation, visitation and service
Ccremation, visitation, and church/chapel service with urn
Cremation followed by a memorial service
Cremation with scattering
Cremation with graveside committal service.

Cremation service will vary in price depending on the services you select.

For further information, please contact one of our directors and make arrangements to discuss which options may be best for you and your family.

Many people choose cremation for different reasons; some people feel it’s an eloquent, yet simple tribute. Whatever your reasons, we’d like you to know that we specialize in all aspects of funeral service, including cremation. No matter how simple a ceremony you’re looking for, we’ll make sure that it’s personalized and dignified in every aspect.

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